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We do 3 things.


13 programs are updated every week on Sundays

  • Try a new program every week or follow the same one for progressive results.

  • Choose a program based on your goal, intended workout frequency, fitness level and equipment availability.

  • 3 levels of Intensity

  • Abdominal Tag-On Program

  • Chances to win Prizes for completing workouts

We wrote the book and made the videos.

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Great habits = success. Join the 52Fit community for mind-blowing year-round results!

For effective training made habitual, Formula 52 is the answer.

 Let us worry about your training so you don't have to. 


Here’s the fine print.

If you want to see consistent results, you need to be following a program or you'll end up doing random things and get random results. Finding a worthy online trainer at an affordable rate can be challenging though...  That’s where we come in. We’ve seen the problem and fixed it.

Join us FREE today for 1-week with no obligations. Cancelling is 2 click on you user profile and signing up takes less than 2 minutes by clicking the button below. Additionally, we’re so confident that you’ll be satisfied that there is a money back guarantee and, again, cancelling only takes 2 clicks on your user profile. Cancel before your trial ends and there is no charge.

See you on the inside.

Consistency is absolutely key.  You need something that doesn't become a burden price wise so you can actually see results and continue to see results.  You need options and something that's constantly changing and staying up-to-date with current research.  Fitness Habits gives you all of this plus a team 127+ years combined experience behind them.